Going Virtual?
Don't just survive.  Thrive.
60 minute web-class.  You're Invited. 
The fitness world is changing.  No one is sure what the new normal will be.  But, what's certain is fitness professionals need new and innovative ways to reach, connect and deliver client results.
  • I'm great with my clients in person, how do I develop the same connections and get the same results virtually?
  • How do I package and price my virtual services?
  • How do I get enough NEW clients?
We've been delivering virtual fitness and wellness to tens of thousands of clients for over 10 years.   We're sharing our top three leanings to help you not only survive, but thrive in the new virtual world.
  • It's about RESULTS.  Poor results=poor retention.  We'll show you how our CorSync platform is built to drive amazing results through personal accountability coaching.
  • How do you STAND OUT?  Everyone is moving to virtual (on-line) training.  How do you break through?  How do you package and price virtual programs.
  • Don't just survive - THRIVE in the new virtual world.  Five proven strategies to quickly grow your virtual business. 

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Over 10 Years Virtual Experience 
For over 10 years we've had the privilege of working with many of our nation's greatest organizations providing virtual wellness solutions.  At Nuvita, we're passionate about developing the science and technology that will impact the heath of our nation. 

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"With Great Change - Comes GREAT Opportunity!"

"The demand for virtual fitness is exploding.  Are You Ready?"

CorSync Virtual Platform
The most advanced virtual platform plus our training and support will get you started and successful in days not weeks.
Everything in one App.  Drive engagement with vast library of personal programs that you can customize (exercise, nutrition, weight/fat loss, stress/mindfulness).  Tracking, goal-setting, social and coaching.
The most advanced Accountability Coaching.  Real time engagement data.  1on1 video calls.  Personal Video messages with data.  Intelligent batch coaching.  One coach = 100+ clients. 
Group Workouts with Live Metrics.   Turn your live Zoom sessions into engaging workouts with live heart rate, calorie, intensity and summary data.   Make your classes more fun, engaging and accountable.   Great for saved and on-demand too.
Virtual = Results = Accountability
If you're serious about building a virtual (on-line) business then you have to be serious about delivering results.  

We've spent 10 years building CorSync for our own use in corporate wellness.  We know what it takes to get virtual results.

- Complete range of personal programs (exercise, nutrition, stress, weight/fat loss.

- Ability to set realistic short term activity based goals.

- Track real data and progress towards the goals.

- Accountability coaching.  With real data and real goals you can hold people accountable.

- Make it fun, social and build connections.

If you don't see clients face to face, you have to approach your solution in a very different way.  Content is important, but accountability coaching is the game changer.

CorSync will empower you to be the best virtual coach in your market.
Your Web-Class Hosts

Ron McPhee, CEO Nuvita

Twenty year wellness technology veteran.   Former President Polar Heart Rate.  Partner, Verge - Technology VC firm. 

Jess Biggs, MS, VP Nuvita

Exercise physiologist, coach, wellness science expert.  Over 20 years using science and technology to deliver leading solutions to thousands of individuals. 

Mark Dick, BS

Exercise Science.  Former gym owner, long time trainer, virtual wellness and accountability coaching expert.
Using CorSync to grow your virtual business with Corporate Wellness.
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