Build a six figure wellness coaching business.
We partner with fitness and wellness professionals to provide the best virtual wellness coaching in the market.  Our turn-key virtual platform and business accelerator is everything you need to build a lucrative wellness coaching business fast.   

Three NEW Revenue Streams

Over 10 Years Virtual Experience 
For over 10 years we've had the privilege of working with over 200 companies and tens of thousands of employees providing virtual wellness solutions.  At Nuvita, we're passionate about developing the science and technology that will impact the heath of our nation. 
Three NEW Revenue Streams
Our proven business accelerator provides the tools and support to build a six figure wellness business fast.
#1 Virtual Wellness Coaching - Jump Start - Add 25+ Clients NOW
  •  Turn Key:  Everything you need to attract NEW clients without expensive ad spend.
  • ​Targeting:  Who are your ideal clients?
  • Unique Solutions:   Stand out with unique coaching packages designed for your ideal clients and pricing.
  • Marketing Tools that Close:  Passion video, landing page, social/word of mouth marketing, sales tools and more.
Grow with Corporate Wellness
#2 Corporate Wellness
  • Turn Key:   Everything you need to develop corporate wellness contracts with ideal business in your community.
  • ​The Right Companies:   Target the best companies that you will retain, on average, 4-5 years.
  • The Right Solutions:   Proven Nuvita solutions that appeal to the ideal companies in your community.  
  • The Right Partner.  We've worked with over 200 companies.  We'll give you the credibility and support to close companies in your market. 
#3 National Wellness Challenges
  • Turn Key:  Everything you need to develop partnerships to run national challenges. 
  • ​Community:   Churches, country clubs, retirement communities, etc. 
  • Influencers:  Social media, non-wellness coaches, etc.
  • Proven Marketing/Biz Dev.  Targets, presentations, agreements, etc.
CorSync - The Best Virtual Wellness Solutions
if you're serious about building a virtual (on-line) wellness business then you have to be serious about delivering results.  We've spent 10 years building CorSync for our own use in corporate wellness. We know what it takes to get the best virtual results.
Personal Programs
  • ​Heart rate based fitness programs (compatible with any plan)
  • ​Wide variety of nutrition programs, meal plans & resources or use your own
  • ​Weight loss and fat loss programs
  • ​Mindfulness and stress management 
  • ​Track real-time progress with Bluetooth fitness devices
Engagement with Virtual Workouts
  • ​Live heart rate during group virtual zoom workouts
  • ​Live metrics during 1:1 virtual workouts
  • ​On-demand library of your recorded workout with live metrics
Motivation Through Progress
  • ​Everything in ONE App
  • ​Bluetooth heart rate monitor
  • Bluetooth smart bodyfat scale
  • ​Track nutrition and mindfulness
  • ​Fun and social leader boards and wellness feeds
Advanced Accountability Coaching 
  • ​Proven 3x results
  • ​Set goals track real time progress
  • ​1:1 video calls with engagement dashboard
  • ​Instant 1:1 and group video messages with engagement data
  • ​Intelligent batch coaching
  • ​1 coach 100+ clients - save time - more impact
Fun with Challengs 
  • ​Large number of pre-built templates 
  • ​Weight/fat loss, transformation, stress, holiday, new years, Better You, etc.
  • ​21 day, 6 -12+ week
  • ​Ready for corporate wellness and national challenges
  • ​Amazing experience - efficient accountability coaching 

Be the best virtual wellness coach in your market with industry leading engagement and RESULTS.

Praise for Nuvita
We partner with fitness and wellness professionals to provide the best virtual wellness coaching in the country.
Using CorSync to grow your virtual business with Corporate Wellness.
Engagement + Accountability = RESULTS
If you're serious about building a virtual (on-line) business then you have to be serious about delivering results.  

We've spent 10 years building CorSync for our own use in corporate wellness.  We know what it takes to get virtual results.

- Complete range of personal programs (exercise, nutrition, stress, weight/fat loss.

- Ability to set realistic short term activity based goals.

- Track real data and progress towards the goals.

- Accountability coaching.  With real data and real goals you can hold people accountable.

- Make it fun, social and build connections.

If you don't see clients face to face, you have to approach your solution in a very different way.  Content is important, but accountability coaching is the game changer.

CorSync will empower you to be the best virtual coach in your market.
CorSync - Deep Dive

Deliver the best results based virtual wellness solutions 

The most advanced Accountability Coaching.  Proven to get 2x+ the results.  Set goals and track your clients progress in-real time.  1on1 video calls.  Personal Video messages with data.  Intelligent batch coaching.  One coach = 100+ clients. 
1 on 1 Training with Live Metrics.  See your clients real-time heart rate, calories, intensity, etc.  The next best thing to being with them in person.   Better coaching with better data.   Add more value and stand out from your competition.  
On-demand Video Workouts with Live Metrics.  Record your sessions for on-demand workouts with embedded metrics.   Give you clients your workouts with inactive metrics - leader-boards, heart rate, calories, etc.  
Group Workouts with Live Metrics.   Turn your live Zoom sessions into engaging workouts with live heart rate, calorie, intensity and summary data.   Make your classes more fun, engaging and accountable.   
Everything in one App.  Drive engagement with vast library of personal programs that you can customize (exercise, nutrition, weight/fat loss, stress/mindfulness).  Tracking, goal-setting, social and coaching.
Personal Exercise Programs
  • ​Heart rate based fitness program - personal targets and zones
  • ​Compatible with any fitness plan 
  • ​Bluetooth EKG heart rate wearable
  • ​Science of EPOC - burn 10X calories 
  • ​Complete picture of weekly exercise and progress
Personal Nutrition Programs
  • ​Are your clients following their meal plan?
  • ​Compatible with any meal plan or nutrition program
  • ​Wide variety of nutrition programs and meal plans or use your own
  • ​Easily track each meal (photo, rank, notes) 
  • ​Quickly identify issues and trends
Personal Weight/Bodyfat Loss Programs
  • ​Are your clients trending to their goals? 
  • ​Use your Bluetooth scale or ours (in club or home)
  • ​Set specific body composition goals 
  • ​Regular measurements = 2x more likely to meet their goals
Personal Mindfulness Programs
  • Science based mindfulness stress management 
  • ​Better sleep, more energy, motivation and happiness
  • ​Complete education series and guided meditations
Nuvita Corporate Wellness Experience
We've been delivering virtual fitness/wellness for 10 years.
Significant Claims Savings
YTD claims are 31% of expected
YTD claims are 1/3 lower than PY
“Nuvita has been our wellness partner for over 6 years. With Nuvita, we offer a range of challenges to keep employees and spouses engaged in their wellness year round. Our partnership with Nuvita has helped us manage our health care costs”
Tracy Utterback
CFO/Secretary Treasurer
Jaynes Corporation
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